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Forsythia  -  A true sign that spring has arrived, the oldie but goodie golden yellow blooming forsythia is a welcome sight after any winter.  Forsythia is a fast growing, early bright yellow spring flowering deciduous shrub with upright and arching branches.  Leaves appear after the Forsythia flowers and are a medium to dark green in summer.  During the fall the leaves are green or yellow-green and sometimes have a tinge of purple and occasionally may turn a deep burgundy.  It is Zone 4 hardy, use forsythia as a hedge, shrub border, mass planting, group planting, bank planting, and more.  Besides the dwarf selections, plant these shrubs out where they can grow to their normal size (8 to 10' high by 10 to 12' wide).  From dwarf to weeping to upright selections, forsythia will tolerate a wide variety of locations and soil types. (Prune forsythia after it finishes flowering.)


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