Buggy Joe Boggs Report

Problems in the Garden this Week

This week Buggy Joe Boggs (OSU) is reporting harmful algal blooms (HAB – an over abundance or excessive growth of algae) causing bad taste and odor problems in potable water, polluting beaches with scum, reducing oxygen levels for fish and other animals, causing processing problems for public water supplies and may even generate toxic chemicals (sounds like something BJB would make up, but this time it is for real), spined soldier bugs feeding on beetles (therefore it’s a good bug), spider webs galore showing up this past week on the morning of the heavy fog, Rhizosphaera needlecast disease causing inner needle drop on Norway spruce, fireblight on crabapple, anthracnose on oaks, cankers and dieback problems on Japanese maples, Phomopsis on holly, nutritional deficiencies showing on many plants, black rot on grapes, root rot on raspberries, deformed strawberries due to poor pollination, the sunflower head clipping weevil now showing up in Ohio for the first time, blister beetles feeding away, net-winged beetles out and about, dogbane leaf beetles out and about, cicada killers now appearing to scare you and destroy a few dog day cicadas, mimosa webworms in honeylocust, locust leafminer browning black locust leaves, bagworms simply destroying evergreens, leaf blotch now showing on buckeyes and horsechestnut leaves, white mold fungus showing up on tomato stems (can get on 170 species of plants), tomato leaf mold, and last but not least, green June beetles out and about.

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[You know it’s hot when the birds use potholders to pull the worms out of the ground.]


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