Buggy Joe Boggs Report

Problems in the Garden this Week

Buggy Joe Boggs is on winter hiatus, so in the meantime, we’ll address a few issues still happening out there.  Had an email question last week about oak leaves having blonde colored fuzzy balls on the leaves that were actually clogging the mower filter when they exploded from the blades.  These are probably oak sower gall, caused by a wasp that stings the leaf buds in the spring.  No harm to the tree (just looks funny on the leaves), no sprays recommended, and keep changing the lawn mower filter as needed!  Populations may be high one year and nothing the next.

Southwest Ohio Drop Day is Saturday Nov. 13!  It’s a National day for collection and proper disposal of unwanted or expired medication.  Visit www.hcswcd.org for more info and drop off locations for Hamilton, Clermont, and Warren County, or visit   


Want to learn more about the Emerald Ash Borer?  Visit www.emeraldashborer.info .


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